Oasis One + Two

Bus Shelters

Memphis, TN

12’H x 13’L x 8’W


The Memphis Area Transportation Authority and the UrbanArt, commissioned two sculptural bus shelters in Midtown, Memphis, to attract new riders to public transportation. They were intended as anchor improvements for two transitional neighborhoods. Designed to welcome waiting riders and provide a feeling of sanctuary, they are wheel chair accessible with perforated walls, providing both shelter and visibility for security. The roof panels are pitched so that the water will descend from the upper pool to the lower pools, before running off to the side of the structure, creating beautiful sounds for those waiting.

Services Provided

Narrative statements, concept sketches, sketch models and final models, community presentations, plans, elevations, construction drawings, preliminary engineering drawings, fabrication, and installation.

“May & Watkins’ design adds a playfulness and consideration to the shared experience of public transit in Memphis and the artists are to be commended for their dedication and generosity throughout project design and installation.”Lauren Kennedy

Executive Director, UrbanArt Commission

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