Alexandria Aerie

Simpson Park

Alexandria, Virgina

Play structure with mosaic sculptures
Climb-on sculpture, two mosaic sculptures, gate


May+Watkins was awarded this public art commission as part of the renovation of Simpson Park, a well-used community park, ball field and children’s playground. When we met with the community, we presented a range of our works, including some of our creative play spaces. The community decided that they wanted artwork that would create a very special play space for their children.

Alexandria Aerie includes a large climb-on structure, two mosaic sculptures and the entrance gate. The play structure incorporates a winding handicap accessible ramp, adorned with ascenders reaching 14-ft high a crawl tube, a sheltered imaginary play area, low stairs and a ramp. Nearby, two mosaic sculptures provide tactile exploration and visual delight. The entrance gate unifies the area.

We did not include the standard play elements – slide, ladders etc. as this was a sculpture to be enjoyed by adults as well as children.

Services Provided

May+Watkins worked with the community, the public art director and the landscape architects to develop the concept for these sculptures. May+Watkins created the narrative statements, sketches, sketch models and final models, plans, elevations and construction drawings. The work was fabricated in-house and installed by our team on site.

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