The Children’s Museum of Manhattan

New York, NY

150 Sq. Feet


May + Watkins Design worked with the Children’s Museum of Manhattan on a series of exhibits from 1993 to 1997. Waterwhirl was the final exhibit of this series.

Waterwhirl combined art and physics. The main wall was made up of spinners, buckets, and wands- all activated by water. At the Waterwhirl Station, kids explored waterpower using water wheels, pumps and waterpower generators.

Services Provided

Design, fabrication, installation.

“Entering the exhibition, outdoors in the museums’s 700 square-foot Sussman Environmental Center, is a little like walking into the lair of a mad scientist whose obsession is old-fashioned H2O.”Laurel Graeber

The New York Times, August 22, 1997


For Children

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