Clearing The Air

New York Transit Museum

Brooklyn, NY

400 Sq. Feet


Clearing the Air is a permanent exhibit about air pollution, buses, and the evolution of engine technology and emission control.

Our task was to demonstrate complex scientific concepts to a young audience in a fun, learning environment.

We incorporated more than 15 interactive activities, ranging from a climb-in bus, to demonstrations of the mechanics of two-cycle and four-cycle engines. Kids learn about developing technologies, like fuel cells, and engage in thought provoking interactives about pollution control, in an environment that includes a parade of pollution cartoon characters.

Services Provided

Exhibit development, narrative statements, concept sketches, artist’s renderings, models, plans, elevations, interactive prototyping, construction drawings, fabrication, and installation.

“Many exhibits have come and gone at the Transit Museum since then but this one continues to be one of our most popular areas, with repeat visitors who never tire of the many opportunities to explore and play.”Rob Del Bagno

Senior Manager of Exhibitions

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