Who We Are



Carol May

“I want the audience to have a ‘WOW – this is amazing’ experience. So I will push the boundaries until we have achieved an exceptional, stunning solution. I love creating exhibits and public art, because true synergy with a committed museum or public art development team, brings richness, depth and significance to the final work.”

Carol creates many of the fine-arts elements in the exhibits. She is a skilled draftsman, painter and sculptor. Her background, training, creativity and commitment to excellence are a driving force in the company.

Carol is the lead for initial concept development and design. Through narratives, drawings and models, she and the design team, develop and refine the work.

A graduate of the High School of Music + Art, she received her BFA from Carnegie-Mellon University, and her MFA from Pratt Institute. She is a practicing fine artist as well as a designer.


Tim Watkins

“I have always believed in the magic of the full environmental experience. As a kid I built worlds for my toys. As an adult, I build worlds for other kids.”

Tim is a skilled sculptor who creates many of our special interactive and kinetic elements. He brings the inventiveness, ingenuity, whimsy, and off-the-wall nonsense that make our interactive exhibits unique.

He is responsible for design development, in-house engineering, production and key subcontracting. He also oversees fabrication.

A native of England and Canada, Tim received his BFA from the Alberta College of Art & Design. He is a kinetic sculptor as well as a designer.

John Franzen

“Each project is a unique experience, an opportunity to grow, and a chance to merge what I’ve learned in the past with new, exciting ideas, and challenges.”

John joined May+Watkins Design in 2006. He is the lead fabricator and is skilled in working with a variety of materials and techniques. He is a meticulous craftsman with extremely high standards, able to take scale models and drawings and translate them into full-scale sculptures. His foresight and innate ability to problem solve make him a vital part of the May+Watkins team.

John holds a BA in History from the State University of New York, University at Albany, and a two-year certificate in architectural drawing.

Sara Pruiksma

“Being a part of this creative, ambitious team is invaluable to me personally and professionally. I love that I make art for a living.”

Sara joined the May+Watkins Design team in early 2014. She is an Associate Designer, and works closely with Carol assisting with research, design and models.

Sara received her BFA from Alfred University School of Art and Design and her MFA from the State University of New York, at Albany. She has exhibited her mixed media, two and three dimensional paintings throughout New York. In 2019 she received an Individual Artist’s Grant through the New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA) for her “Our Town” project. For more information about Sara visit sarapruiksma.com.

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