Who We Are



Carol May

“I want the audience to have a ‘WOW – this is amazing’ experience. So I will push the boundaries until we have achieved an exceptional, stunning solution. I love creating exhibits and public art, because true synergy with a committed museum or public art development team, brings richness, depth and significance to the final work.”

Carol creates many of the fine-arts elements in the exhibits. She is a skilled draftsman, painter and sculptor. Her background, training, creativity and commitment to excellence are a driving force in the company.

Carol is the lead for initial concept development and design. Through narratives, drawings and models, she and the design team, develop and refine the work.

A graduate of the High School of Music + Art, she received her BFA from Carnegie-Mellon University, and her MFA from Pratt Institute. She is a practicing fine artist as well as a designer.


Tim Watkins

“I have always believed in the magic of the full environmental experience. As a kid I built worlds for my toys. As an adult, I build worlds for other kids.”

Tim is a skilled sculptor who creates many of our special interactive and kinetic elements. He brings the inventiveness, ingenuity, whimsy, and off-the-wall nonsense that make our interactive exhibits unique.

He is responsible for design development, in-house engineering, production and key subcontracting. He also oversees fabrication.

A native of England and Canada, Tim received his BFA from the Alberta College of Art & Design. He is a kinetic sculptor as well as a designer.

What We Do